Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meet Pollyanna ~ Born March 30, 2007

Out of 24 puppies born the last month, Pollyanna is the only black girl -- so now we know which puppy will be coming home to live with us in late May. Grandson, Drew, and I went to visit them today -- talk about love at first sight -- she is just the dearest most cuddly sweet thing ever. I didn't get as many or as good of photos as I would have liked -- too busy just holding her. When you look at her photos, you will know why.
The lovely Martini, mother of the 10 puppies and sister of our Bailey (same parents, different litter) In the photo, our little Polly is the black puppy in the foreground of the photo.
Grandson with Martini and the pups---
Eyes not opened yet -- what a little charmer she is.

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