Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pollyanna Meets Munchkin

Here's a video of the very first meeting of Polly with Munchkin. In the hours since this was filmed, they are buddies already -- chasing each other around the yard -- and in the house;-)

Polly and Munchkin's First Meeting


lmcoone said...

Hello to Pollyanna's mom! Linda gave me the link to your Blog, and I am impressed! Pollyanna is a beautiful pup. We have one of the Cherokee girls and can't wait to meet you at the reunion.

Kaeli's mom, Lynn

Beadin' Gram said...

Hi Lynn, thank you for visiting Pollyanna's Pages. I hope you scanned down far enough to see the photos of Cherokee and her puppies. They are such adorable pups -- well, heck, aren't they all wonderful. I love Linda's Reunion idea -- it will be such fun to see all the Labs -- and I look forward to meeting you too.

Polly's mom, Jackie