Saturday, October 13, 2007

Look at me -- am I Queen or what?

The hotel we are staying at on our trip would let dogs 25 pounds and under stay in the hotel. Munchkin just barely made the limit and our dear Polly -- well, an almost 7 month old lab weighs a lot more than 25 pounds -- so she couldn't come with. However, she is staying with Linda and having a wonderful time. There is another pup about her age there and they are having their own wonderful vacation.

Anyway, on our way to Springfield, MO we stopped at the Peru (Illinois) Antique Mall. It was too hot to leave Munchkin in the van so I was walking her outside -- one of the workers came out and said we could take her in if we carried her -- she's too heavy for that -- then the gal said why don't you use the baby stroller and push her -- that would be OK. Well, Munchkin thought she was a Queen -- couldn't resist taking her picture. Isn't she a cutie?

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oh my that is sooooooo funny, just look at her face, it says it all. really made me laugh out loud.